jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

To our faithful companion, our loyal comrade, our adamantine friend

To our beloved Vajra Friend Barlynez

Doktor Gnomegang & Barlynez, The Psychedelic Rooster
Born 2001 - passed away May 20, 2013 
I'm sorry to inform you the flight to other worlds, at almost 13 years old, of our faithful companion and loyal comrade, our beloved Barlynez, The White Rooster, "The Rebel Rooster", "The Psychedelic Rooster".

Along with the also gone, our beloved Matutes Rooster, Barlynez was protagonist, inspiring and singer of some of our productions on CD:
  • Doktor Gnomegang & The Psychedelic Roosters Band: Barlynez, A Psychedelic Rooster 2007
  • The Rebel Rooster Records Presents 2007
  • The Psychedelic Roosters Band - Barlynez 2008
  • The Gathering Of The Magical Roosters 2009
And other unfinished projects, as well as inspiring our virtual operative projects:
Rebel Rooster Records
Rebel Roosters Researchs
He was gone calm, carried by the hands of the compassionate Shaka Buddha, in absolute peace, finished his time of life on this world, he was very old but  was always surrounded by intense love of all of us, his real family.

Thank you very much, Barlynez, friend, comrade, companion, son, for so many years, so many happy moments you gave us.

True friends never say Goodbye!

We'll see you later!

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