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Doktor Gnomegang & Mayowakan - Anacaona (A Musical Fantasy) (2006)

This week I want to show a different work. My former works were oriented to synths or cyberacoustic sounds, the last one having neopsychedelic touchs. This new one, my fourth album, I like to labeling as Ethnodrum. Almost the whole work was conceived through the reading of the book "Anacaona", a historical novel about Kiskeyan Taino natives and spanish conquerors, writted by Dr. F. Hernandez Diaz. The intense drama, the action, and the accurate of the historical deeds inspired to me the music I did to "play" in my mind while reading the book. (I wish to recommend the book).

I hope some people may enjoy this musical fantasy and tell me about it, while I convert myself as Mayowakan Band.

Dr. Gnomegang.-

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  1. The Tracks

    01- Overtura - Guákanagaríx, Marién Bokacíkeh
    02- Guaryonéx, Maguá Bokacíkeh
    03- Kaonabó, Maguána Bokacíkeh
    04- Kayakóa, Igwéy (Higüey) Bokacíkeh
    05- Anakaóna, Xarágua Bokacíkeh
    06- Kotubanámi, Iguayágua Bokacíkeh
    07- Guarokúya-Enrriquillo, Ixkéya Guami'ke'na