domingo, 29 de julio de 2007

The First Month

Today the blog reach the first thirty days, with some 1700 visiters, with an acceptable amount of downloads. No comments as usual, but no mind about it.

I wish to say you all Thank You Very Much, and be welcome ever.

Coming soon more good things, please keep listening and...

Keep Watching

Dr. Gnomegang

sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

Doktor Gnomegang & Mayowakan - Anacaona (A Musical Fantasy) (2006)

This week I want to show a different work. My former works were oriented to synths or cyberacoustic sounds, the last one having neopsychedelic touchs. This new one, my fourth album, I like to labeling as Ethnodrum. Almost the whole work was conceived through the reading of the book "Anacaona", a historical novel about Kiskeyan Taino natives and spanish conquerors, writted by Dr. F. Hernandez Diaz. The intense drama, the action, and the accurate of the historical deeds inspired to me the music I did to "play" in my mind while reading the book. (I wish to recommend the book).

I hope some people may enjoy this musical fantasy and tell me about it, while I convert myself as Mayowakan Band.

Dr. Gnomegang.-

CD Cover.............

Link to download:

sábado, 21 de julio de 2007

Alvarez - Music For Person, Computer And Cheap Software (2004) / Guest Artist - Venezuela

En esta entrega tengo el gran honor de presentarles a Alvarez, cybercompositor sudamericano que gentilmente nos ha distinguido con el privilegio de publicar por primera vez en la blogosfera su primer trabajo en CD, "Musica Para Persona, Computadora Y Software Barato", del año 2004, con el cual abro un espacio que de cabida a artistas invitados dispuestos a compartir libremente su música.

Oriundo de Venezuela, con su música basada en secuencias de estructuras simples y un acertado uso del sampleo, Alvarez nos conduce por ambientes unas veces ácidos, otras veces obscuros, como un descenso a aguas profundas, como un bucear en lo profundo del subsconsciente. No es un álbum musicalmente complejo, y creo que precisamente en eso consiste su acierto. Como la poesía que es reflejo de una época, o una reacción a esa epoca.

Personalmente me ha gustado particularmente el tema "The Messy Adventures Of Doctor Orloff Zokorgnoc" el cual de alguna manera y aunque no sea esa su intencion, me recuerda a las viejas series de TV clase B de suspenso y novelas del genero "Pulp". Muy bueno también "Custer's Nightmare". Concluyo en que es un álbum estéticamente bién realizado, de muy buén gusto y espero poder postear pronto su segundo CD.

Pero, no les canso con mas palabras...Vamos a escucharlo !!!

This time I have the great honour of present you to Alvarez, a southamerican cybercomposer whose gentleness has distinguished to us with the distinction of publish for first time on the Blogland his first musical work on CD, "Music For Person, Computer And Cheap Software", from 2004, and with this one I do open a space for guest artists willing to share freely their own music.

Coming from Venezuela, his music is based in structully simple secuences and a right sampling use, Alvarez take us through acid ambiences, sometimes obscures, as a sink in deep waters, as a diving in the deepness of the subconscient. It is not a musically complex album, and precisely I think that is its good shot. It is as the poetry as the reflex of a time, or as a reaction to that time.

Personally, I like specially "The Messy Adventures Of Doctor Orloff Zokorgnoc" track, someway resembling to me the old TV clase B suspense series and "Pulp" comics and novels, despite his true intention. "Custer's Nightmare" track is very good too. To conclude, this is an aestetically good realized album, with very good taste and I hope to post his second album as soon as possible.

But, no more words and lets go to listen it !!!

Dr. Gnomegang.-

Link to download:
And: Keep Listening

Keep Watching

lunes, 16 de julio de 2007

1000 and more visitors in two weeks.......

It is more than I happened !!! To celebrate the success I did to improve the head and other lesser things of the blog.

I have to express my gratefulness to you all for your time visiting this site, and to tell in advance it will be more good things to come...

Thank you very much !!!


Keep Listening,

Keep Watching.

sábado, 14 de julio de 2007

The Psychedelic Roosters Band - Barlynez, A Psychedelic Rooster (2006)

Hello my friends,

Today I am happy to show you my third work, as a tribute to my loved pets...The Pshychedelic Roosters Band, with their first cd -Barlynez, a Psychedelic Rooster-. But I prefer to let the known blogger and podcaster The Herbalist to present my work:

..."The Psychedelic Roosters Band, produced by (or maybe a brainwave of...) the Doktor himself, has made a deep trip inside the farthest side of collective consciousness and from there, this dark, dense collection of sounds were taken to the surface.

The general flavor of the album is trippy, slightly oriental, rock influenced, nocturnal and dreamy. But it is not a cold an intellectual album. On the contrary it is highly emotional and it achieves what was meant to be achieved: an eulogy for lost friends, which is the same as an eulogy for lost loves, lost feelings, lost lives. It has a faint sad and beautiful flavor or maybe that's just my perception because the album is so rich that you might find something else inside its sonic laberynth.

The Psychedelic Roosters Band doesn't try to be "trendy". The synth sounds are creepy, vintage, abrassive. Like the sound of a ripping soul.

Not for heart fainted.

For the rest of us, highly recommended.

Keep Listening !!!"

The Herbalist

And I only have to say... Thank you very much, It was an honour for me: ENJOY IT !!!

Dr. Gnomegang

Links to download

The original comment by The Herbalist, here:

I am waiting for your comments !!!
Dr. G.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2007

The PluX - Plucking The Gnome Gang (2005)

For my second CD, I did to create a new virtual band, and this was The PluX, with the mission of make covers of Ogam Gnomegang's songs, (so I did covers of my own works) and some new original songs for The Plux. The difference is Gnomegang's works are more electronic-synth oriented, and The Plux tends to show more plucking-based accoustic sounds. I hope you may enjoy it. I will be gratefull if you leave comments.

Para mi segundo CD, creé una nueva banda virtual, The PluX, con la misión de hacer versiones de los trabajos de Ogam Gnómegang, (esto es, versiones de mis propios trabajos), y uno que otro tema musical por The PluX. La diferencia entra ambos es que Ogam Gnómegang es más electrónico y orientado a los sintetizadores, mientras que The PluX se orienta más al sonido acústico de instrumentos tocados con plectro. Espero que lo disfruten y que dejen comentarios.

Dr. Gnomegang

Link to Download: