domingo, 29 de julio de 2007

The First Month

Today the blog reach the first thirty days, with some 1700 visiters, with an acceptable amount of downloads. No comments as usual, but no mind about it.

I wish to say you all Thank You Very Much, and be welcome ever.

Coming soon more good things, please keep listening and...

Keep Watching

Dr. Gnomegang

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi from Norway!

    Congrats with your one month blog anniversary.

    Mind my comment to the album Psych Rooster Band


  2. Hi Dag

    Thank you very much for your gentle comments. I am so glad to hear something good about the Psychedelic Roosters, so I am moved to work for more and better like that. I will post more albums soon.

    I'm sorry so much about fellow Dirk, so in tribute to him we must follow sharing the best music as long as possible.

    I'll email you, as LOTSAVA, so please keep watching.

    Dr. G.